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Women have challenging roles, biologically as well as socially. The physical and mental labor of women, while often unaccounted for in casually sexist setups of the economy- such as the GDP- fail to find their well-deserved place.

Women multitask like maniacs working at home and their jobs, managing immaculately well both the domestic spaces and the professional fronts. They juggle through the polyphonous characters with ease and set a precedent in all departments alike.

While they bash the patriarchy and change the world, it is crucial for women to understand how these draining tasks affect their mind and body in order to deal effectively with the stress- both mental and physical.

To ensure that women take due care of their minds, bodies, and souls, here is a list of health and fitness tips; compiled with both ease and effectiveness in mind.

A flexible plan to start with

It is unimaginable to have a strict and pointy diet plan and not feel squashed through the day while craving the guilty pleasures that comes with a caramel latte with a dollop of Nutella.

While most will go on about the importance of adhering to this stringent diet for one’s sake, it is also crucial to understand that following it at all times is not only depressing but also extremely difficult when the shelves are only stacked with unhealthy snacks.

A diet requires meal preparation and planning ahead, and sometimes that just is not possible. Therefore it is important to not beat oneself up when slipping through a diet. Rather it is important to be accommodating and having room in the diet for errors and treats.

Good nutrition and exercise can relieve stress and boost the morale of both men and women. However, different biological and social characteristics, which are specific to women, mean that the health problems they face during their lifetime may differ from those of men.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a regular checkup and be aware of health-related issues for better health. Pillar of Wellness provides a comprehensive health assessment, and also provides different health care services to overcome health issues if you have any. We have listed 7 major health tips that every Woman should know to stay healthy.

A hot shower can dry up your skin

A hot shower can warm up in the morning or take the stress out of a day’s work, but they’re not good for your skin. It scours the skin and removes its sebum, a natural fat, which can aggravate benign concerns like eczema. It also exacerbates generalized itching, even in people who do not have eczema. Turning the mixer in the opposite direction, the cold side is not recommended either. Cold-water rinsing is only recommended for people who have redness when they come in contact with hot water.

Stress can cause irregularity in your metabolism

Health Tips Every Woman Should Know Well

Stress affects the loss of fat for everyone, but it is possible that some types of stress are more harmful to women than for men. It leads to the persistent secretion of cortisol, the main effect of which is to increase blood sugar so that you have enough energy to cope with a stressful situation. Stress slows metabolism and burns fewer calories. This means that over time, stress can lead to weight gain. It leads to a lower level of estrogen and testosterone in women. Women with lower testosterone levels will have a hard time burning fat. As such, women should find stress management strategies such as meditation, yoga, psychological therapy, etc.

The color of Urine and your health

Urine is composed of water and other waste substances. If something is wrong in our body, urine can change color. This may be due to our diet, inflammation, or even the consumption of some type of medication. When you drink large quantities of water, the kidneys filter the urine more easily, and it is light in color. An intense yellow means that you did not drink enough fluids and your kidneys have to make a greater effort to filter urine. Red urine indicates that you have a kidney problem. The orange color of urine indicates an excess of vitamin C in our body. If the color of the urine is not normal, it is better to drink more water and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Bad breath may be a sign of health issue

Many diseases or health conditions have a subtle odor, which may open the door to early detection and diagnosis. When a disease results in new and different biochemical processes in the body, this can lead to the production of small volatile molecules. These molecules can be transported by the blood to the lungs that drain them into the breath; they can also be rejected in the urine or perspiration. The presence of ammonia in the breath is a sign of kidney failure.If you have a gum infection, the bacteria will dump waste hydrogen sulfide like rotten eggs. It is, therefore, advised to consult to control if your bad breath persists for a longer time.

Breast cancer is not hereditary

Health Tips Every Woman

It is important to understand that breast cancer is not hereditary, meaning you can still have it even if no one in your family had it previously. Majority of breast cancer patients have zero family history of the disease. That’s why it is important to have a regular checkup.

Stretch regularly

Stretching might seem like a waste of time, but give it a chance—it could make a big difference in your well-being. According to Harvard Medical School, it keeps your body strong and flexible, increasing your range of motion. Not only does that help prevent injuries, but it also leads to healthier joints and muscles. So the next time your favorite show is on, get off the couch and stretch it out on the floor instead.

Eat more fruit

For some reason, people tend to be afraid of fruits—but that shouldn’t be the case. Sure, they’re full of sugar—but unlike other sweet treats, it’s totally natural. Plus, getting your proper daily intake can help with everything from reducing your risk of stroke and heart disease to boosting your immune system.

Take deep breaths

Let’s be realistic—not everyone wants to dedicate part of their day to meditating. (Even though you totally should!) If you just don’t see it happening anytime soon, go for some nice, deep breaths instead. According to the Cleveland Clinic, breathing from our abdomen opposed to the typical short and shallow breaths can help counteract the fight-or-flight response that can be detrimental to your well-being.

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